4.3 Change Management

Release 1

Open Issues / Release 2 Candidates (Q1/2022)

Being the work result of the OpenWealth community as a third party, the Wealth API specification had to be reviewed to ensure compliance with the SFTI API design principles and was then adjusted accordingly. All major deviations were eliminated with Release 1. The following adjustments of lesser importance were postponed to a future release.

Structure Optimization

  • Consistent use of the /customers resource in the Customer Management and Custody Services area.

  • Systematic structure across all resources:

    • /{resource} → Return the list of all {resources} accessible.

    • /{resource}/{ID} → Return the {resource} details of the requested account.

    • /{resource}/{ID}/{related resource} → Return the list of all {related resource} accessible.

    • Common API example:

      • /accounts → Return the list of all accounts accessible for the logged in user.

      • /accounts/{accountID} → Return the accounts details of the requested account.

      • /accounts/{accountID}/transactions → Transactions to and from the specified account.

  • Resource path design rules (naming, structure) as described here: https://c-a-p-s.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PUB/pages/1836711954 .